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Setting up DD-WRT as a Wireless Bridge or Repeater

Posted on 27 August 2010

This article aims to help troubleshoot problems you may encounter when trying to set up a wireless bridge between two different models of routers. It isn’t a replacement for the tutorial on how to set up a wireless bridge , which may differ from build-to-build. Onward bound!

How to: Disable back button on mouse

Posted on 15 April 2009

One minute you’re filling out a ridiculously long form, or fervently writing a massive blog post… when your finger slips, or you squeeze your mouse in frustration… and you hear the distinctive “click” noise, and suddenly you’re browser brings you back to the last page you were on… A glimpse of hope pops up, a window asking you if you’d like to “Resubmit your form input?” … you click it, but alas, all your work is gone, all thanks to the third mouse button that nobody even asked for. I feel for you, I really do… Let’s put a stop to the problem that brought you here, it’s time to disable the back button on your mouse!